A Guide of Sorts


Short for Politics 265, Winter Term 2013. Classical Political Philosophy. A class taught by Eduardo Velasquez on Mondays and Wednesdays. Our syllabus includes both Genesis and Darwin. As part of the requirements for the class, we submit eight 800-1000 word posts, which I call the Sunday post for lack of a more creative title. Additionally, some English major from Pittsburgh thought it might be a good idea to write at least a 100-word post every day for a week for this class, and the idea caught on. These are categorized as the small posts, though some of them are larger than their Sunday counterparts.

My fellow classmates are JaviJoshKevinMargaret, MaryMichael, PeterRachelSarahTodd, and Uri. They all have lovely blogs that help explain the class better than I can with an unlimited number of words.


In another life, I was a Linguistics major. As it is, the study has always fascinated me. This winter term, I’m taking History of the English Language (English 311), and posts that reflect material from that class are added to this category. It also shows general thoughts on the nature of the actual language (as opposed to communication, which is quite another thought.)


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